Lover's Leap

Lover's Leap

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Let's leap right into brewing this splendid high grown Ceylon produced in the Central Higlands of Sri Lanka. This prized tea is grown and produced in the Nuwara Eilya region of Sri Lanka.

This is a true Orange Pekoe grade. However, the term Orange Pekoe has little to with the flavour of the tea but rather indicate a size for grading the leaf . Orange Pekoe is actually a term or rather tea jargon for "whole leaf". You will observe this as the tea unfurls while releasing its flavour and rich colour. 

The cooler nights and sun drenched days of the high elevation of Lovers Leap tea estate contribute to the nature in which this tea develops the best flavor. Thus, producing a tea with a bold, full-bodied blend of carefully selected leaves with just a slight romantic hint of floral notes from the rose petals.

A steeped brew will tease and tantalize the taste buds.  Splendid to add to a luxurious afternoon tea or enjoy after a full dinner, Lover's Leap will leave you feeling satisfied and refreshed.

Premium Black tea blend & organic rose petals.