Find your peace. 

The Zen Den Yoga Room located directly above the Enchanted Creations Tea Shoppe is designed to be your escape from the everyday stressors.

You can also minimize or maximize your energy with artisan crafted tea blends and aromatherapy accessories. Peruse our tea selection online or in-store. 

Enjoy classes and special events in a peaceful, Zen space hosted by your team at Enchanted Creations.


YIN yoga

Sunday 9am-10am
Wednesday 9am-10am
Thursday 5:30pm-6:30pm

Yin is a slow and gentle flow guiding you into passive poses to help increase mobility and inner peace, to mobilize, stretch, and hydrate the body's extensive fascial network, and invite the practitioner into an inward space with a peaceful, meditative vibe.

Gentle Flow Yoga

Friday 9am-10am

The movement is slow, each movement is linked with breath, and you are gently guided into postures. A flow that is aimed to strengthen muscles, increase balance raise your chi (energy) and nurture peace in the mind, the body and the soul.