January is Self Care/Self Love Month


New beginnings should always start with loving and caring for yourself. It is so true that if you are empty you have nothing to give. Make sure you are topping yourself up this month and continue all year long.

Maybe you need to introduce into your day some private time for you. A simple way of doing this is to add some new tea to your collection and brew up one of those new blends.

Begin by selecting a favourite cup/mug that you find soothing. Then begin your ritual of preparing your tea. This is a wonderful reason to bring out that teapot that you love but seldom use. Yes, you deserve to use the good china for just you!

Perhaps you could enhance this time by lighting a candle, then sit quietly with your cup of tea. As you sit try to truly detect the aromas and flavours that are being imparted to your senses. Breathe in that aroma before you sip and allow the tea to transcend you to another plane. Feel the warmth of the warm cup in your hands and connect to that warmth welcome it into your heart and let it soothe the mind.

You deserve this time, so rightfully take 15 or 20 minutes to sip. After your private tea party notice how that quiet time of reflection has placed you in a more calm and peaceful state.

Ahhh!!! TEA!!!